CompetitorsLIVE Stage Leaderboard

See how you're doing on the race track at the four main race turning points.

Find out how much time you need to make up to beat your rivals!

Win spot prizes for the best improvement on each stage.

NEW for 2024: If you're racing in the IRC or ISCRS (Island Sailing Club Rating System) fleets, you'll be able to access our new LIVE Stage Leaderboard, which will show your fleet position on handicap after each of the main race stages:

  • Stage 1: START to The Needles
  • Stage 2: The Needles to St Catherine's Lighthouse
  • Stage 3: St Catherine's Lighthouse to Bembridge Ledge
  • Stage 4: Bembridge Ledge to the FINISH

Accessible onboard during the race, the new LIVE Stage Leaderboard will give you and your fellow crewmates a fun and useful tool to track progress and find out how you're doing against your rivals. We'll also be awarding some Robert Oatley Wine Magnums for the crew that shows the most improved performance for each stage!

How does it work?

As your boat passes each of the main turning points in the race, we'll use the GPS data from your onboard devices (a requirement for the race) to create a rounding time for that point. The time will be adjusted using your IRC or ISCRS rating to provide a corrected time, which will then give you an overall corrcected position within your fleet.

For the technically minded, the times calculated will be the moments when your boat crosses the following:

  • Line of latitude passing through the Needles Lighthouse
  • Line of longitude passing through St Catherine's Lighthouse
  • Line of latitude passing through Bembridge Ledge buoy

Of course, the times will be estimates, based on the GPS data sent from all of your devices onboard, but they should be accurate to within a few seconds. The more devices you have, the more accurate your stage time will be.

The corrected times will be the basis of awarding spot prizes to those boats that we think have made the most improvement on each stage.

How do I access the LIVE Stage Leaderboard during the race?

Just go to the Results Page here on the event website, click "LIVE Stage Leaderboard" and select the stage and the fleet you're sailing in. That's it!

We'll be sharing more information closer to the race.