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Period Entries received by
Early bird 23:59 on Sunday 31st March
Standard 23:59 on Saturday 1st June
Late 12:00 on Wednesday 12th June

Welcome to our secure Online Entry system for the Round the Island Race! The entry process is very simple but it will help you (and save you time) if you read these instructions and the Notice of Race carefully to make sure that you have all the required information available before you start.

The online entry form is divided into five sections. Required fields in the form will be denoted by a red asterisk (*). All sections must be fully completed for your online entry to be valid so please use the checklist below to ensure that you have all of the following information available before you continue:

Sections 1 & 2 - Boat Information

  • Basic boat details (name, sail number, design type etc)
  • Hull length (in metres)
  • Which class you are entering
  • Race mobile phone number

Section 3 - Measurements

ISC Rating System boats will need to complete this section, irrespective of whether or not they have previously raced under ISCRS. Complete details of all the information required is included in a description of the ISC Rating System that you'll find on our ISC Rating System page. We recommend that you read this carefully prior to starting your online entry to ensure that you have all of the necessary information to hand - which will include:

  • Waterline length, beam, weight, draft
  • Keel, engine, prop and ballast configuration
  • Full sailplan measurements, where possible

Section 4 - Entrant Information

  • Name, address, contact details

Sections 5, 6 & 7 - Skipper, Trophy and Media details

  • Skipper's name, experience and background
  • Special trophy eligibility
  • Background on the boat, owner and crew for the Media team

Section 8 - Crew list

  • Details of each crew member
  • Details of the shorewatch contact

Sections 9 & 10 - Payment information

  • Number of tankards required
  • Credit card details


Hull length Early bird Standard Late
under 9m £130 £135 £265
9m to under 10.5m £138 £143 £282
10.5m to under 12m £147 £152 £299
12m to under 13.5m £155 £161 £315
13.5m and above £163 £168 £332

Making your entry

The entire entry process is handled by our secure server to ensure that all of your details are completely confidential when transmitted over the internet. When you click on the link below to start, a new secure window will open into which you will enter all of your information. The current window (the one that you are looking at now) will remain so that you can return to view the Notice of Race if necessary while you are making your entry.

If you entered the race within the last three years and would like to save time (and your fingers) by pre-loading your entry form with last year's details, then rather than clicking on the button below please use the individual link that you received from us by email when entries opened. If you can't find your link please call the office on 01983 296621 or email us on

Make your online entry