The RaceMeet the team

Delivering a successful Round the Island Race takes a huge amount of effort throughout the year. Here are just some of the Island Sailing Club's 200-strong team that make it all happen.

The Round the Island Race Team

Dave Atkinson
Race Director

As Race Director, I'm responsible for all aspects of the race and coordinating the activities of the various race management, commercial and technical teams. I also work closely with all the fantastic Club staff - including our General Manager Kate - to deliver the race. It's a year round process which often starts before the current year's race has even taken place! The highlights of the race are the many compliments we receive from those taking part and hearing the competitors' stories of the day. It's truly a "Race for All".

Kate Case
ISC General Manager

I manage the operational delivery of the race, working alongside the Race Director, Race Partners and various Committees. My favourite moments of the race are feeling the high energy levels in the Club amongst the competitors and staff very early in the morning on race day and the excitement of watching the race unfold from the terrace.

Ben Ferris
ISC Sailing Secretary

I work all-year round planning the race - from liaising with all the relevant authorities, harbour masters, safety crews, results service to co-ordinating the many volunteers we need to run this amazing race. It's always an early start for me but I love the sight of a sunrise over the Solent with hundreds of boats preparing to start their race adventure.

Sonia Mayes
Ratings Officer

As a World Sailing International Judge I became responsible many years ago for the rules of the race, writing the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions etc. and putting together the protest panels. Plenty of competitors will know me from the work I do in rating the boats for the ISCRS Class. My favourite part of the day is watching the starts from the RYS platform and trying to guess the challenges the day will bring.

Jo Bowden
Marketing and PR

I'm thrilled to be marketing this world-renowned race which is so loved by so many. It's a year-round job developing and communicating the race to all our audiences plus collaborating with our fantastic sponsors. My favourite aspect is watching the entry numbers grow every day on the website and the excitement of sending 'the start' press release out accompanied by an (always iconic) image of the impressive fleet.

Abby Bird
ISC Operations & RIR Officer

I'm responsible for the entries and admin functions relating to the race, as well as planning the prize-giving. I really enjoy being in charge of all the amazing trophies - it's fantastic watching the boats go from a name on a page, to the tracker and then seeing the crews in person when they arrive at the prize-giving event.

David Flanders
ISC Head of Catering

I'm in charge of the Club's hospitality over the race weekend, and as the Event Host we need to make an extra special impression on all our members and guests when they walk through our door. It's great to welcome everyone back into the Club after the race, all the restaurants and bars are buzzing with stories of their time on the water.

Andrew Rayner
Technology and Media

My team looks after all of the technology services for the race, which includes results, website, entry management, filming, publications, race comms, declarations and operational support. It's a year-round operation for a few of us, with a full team of around 30 over the race weekend, working around the clock to make sure all of the critical elements that the race relies upon work without a hitch.