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Meteorologist: Simon Rowell   Issued: 0730 Friday 14th June 2024

Avg wind:

19.5 knots

Highest gust:

21.6 knots

Air temperature: 14.8°C

Tidal height: 4.10m

General Situation

Today, Friday, the centre of the low remains N of Ireland & W of Scotland, continuing to circulate a series of troughs & frontal remnants up the Channel. These should bring scattered cumulus & slabs of low broken stratus with sunny patches & occasional showers during the day. Overnight tonight there should be heavier squally showers. 15-17°C on land, sea surface temperature still around 16°C.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the low should be expanding over the North Sea, with the main centre still over Ireland, the other approaching S Norway. The main front should arrive with the starting sequence and be E of the Island by around 1000, with strong blustery flow up the Channel but hopefully not much squall activity after it passes, with sunny spells, broken stratus and some cumulus coming through. Temperatures should be 14-16°C on land, with wind chill & spray on the water this will feel like around 10°C, and the sea surface temperature should be 15-16°C.

Friday 14th

W Solent: WSW 17-22 gusting 25 kts this morning, easing WSW/SW 15-20 gusting 23 kts this afternoon & after sunset.
Needles to Bembridge Ledge: WSW 20-25 gusting 27 kts in the morning, with acceleration from St Catherine's to Dunnose Point making it stronger inshore. Easing from noon, SW/WSW 18-23 then 15- 20 kts by dusk.
E Solent: SW 15-20 gusting 25 kts today, easing SW 13-17 gusting 20 kts late afternoon towards dusk. More unstable as the wind comes over the Island.

RACE DAY - Saturday 15th June

W Solent: WSW 18-23 gusting 25-30 kts for the start with squally showers, some heavy. This should continue through the day easing off by around 1800, being funnelled up by the land, but it should be mostly dry from late morning.
Needles to Bembridge Ledge: WSW/SW 25-30 gusting 35 kts at the start, easing WSW 22-27 gusting 34 kts by 1000 and remaining like that through sunset. The main rainfall is in the morning, with scattered showers around afterwards.
E Solent: more sheltered, but less steady and more unstable with the flow coming over the Island first. SW 20-25 gusting 25-30 kts at the start, easing WSW/SW 18-25 gusting 34 kts from late morning till around 1900, then easing further after that as the land cools and the breeze stops mixing down as well as before.