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NEW for 2024: LIVE Stage Leaderboard!

Author: Jo Bowden   Date: 17:56 Friday 3 May 2024

  • See how you're doing on the race track at the four main race turning points
  • Find out how much time you need to make up to beat your rivals!
  • Win spot prizes for the best improvement on each stage

This year, if you're racing in the IRC or ISCRS (Island Sailing Club Rating System) fleets, you'll be able to access our new LIVE Stage Leaderboard, which will show your fleet position on handicap after each of the main race stages:

  • Stage 1: START to The Needles
  • Stage 2: The Needles to St Catherine's Lighthouse
  • Stage 3: St Catherine's Lighthouse to Bembridge Ledge
  • Stage 4: Bembridge Ledge to the FINISH

Accessible onboard during the race, the new LIVE Stage Leaderboard will give you and your fellow crewmates a fun and useful tool to track progress and find out how you're doing against your rivals. We'll also be awarding some Robert Oatley Wine Magnums for the crew that shows the most improved performance for each stage!

For more information please click here.

NOTE: We offer the ISCRS (ISC Rating System) FREE to boats without current IRC rating certificates. More info here.

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