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  Sail number
Posted by Melanie Ockenden on Mon May 02, 12:39 [911-3547]
Hi can you tell us how we should display our sail number on the hull? We have the sail numbers on the sails but we are trying to find information in respect to how we should display the numbers on hull
Or is it sufficient to only have the numbers on the sails?
  Sail number
Posted by Ben Ferris on Mon May 02, 18:06 [911-3548]
Hi Melanie,

In addition to having your full sail number on your sails, it’s an important condition of entry that (almost all) monohull boats also display a sail number dodger when finishing or have the sail number showing on the hull. For most people, the dodger is the simplest option. You can get these made up for you (search the web for “sail number dodger”) and attach them to the lifelines - or if that’s difficult, just hold them up when finishing. You can even make them yourself, providing that they comply with the readability requirements, which you’ll find in clauses 6.8 and 6.15.2 of the Notice of Race. Our handy guide to "Why Your Sail Number Is Important" is also worth a read:

  Sail number
Posted by Sarah Cannell on Wed May 11, 10:13 [911-3552]
Hi Ben. We are trying to find out the correct size for the sail numbers for dodgers/hull. The Notice of race that you referred to has no details of sizes, but simply states in 6.15.2 the following:
"required when finishing to display a sail number dodger, with numerals and prefix and suffix letters in black or
blue on a white background. The dodger may be fixed to the lifelines or held up. Alternatively, equivalent sized
sail numbers, with suffix letters, may be displayed on both sides of the hull in such a way as to be visible to the
Race Committee at the finish." The sizes appear to be referenced in appendices G of RRS 77 but these are not available via any links I can see, Thanks for your help
  Sail number
Posted by Ben Ferris on Thu May 12, 01:48 [911-3553]
Hi - you'll find the Racing Rules of Sailing (including Appendix G) on the World Sailing website at

For the Round the Island Race, the exact size of the characters on the dodgers isn't specified, but they obviously need to be large enough to be read by the race committee if the identification on your sails isn't visible for any reason. That means the characters should be of similar size to those on your sails - i.e. 300mm high for boats up to 8.5m LOA, 375mm for boats up to 11m LOA and 450mm for anything larger.
  Sail number
Posted by Andy Hazell on Mon Jun 06, 13:13 [911-3564]
Hi Ben,
Can you confirm that our sail number needs to include the country prefix. E.g. GBR for British registered boats.
  Sail number
Posted by Ben Ferris on Mon Jun 06, 13:31 [911-3566]
Yes, you do need to display national letters if your registered sail number includes them (most do).

Doing so is particularly important in the Round the Island race, as around 20% of boats racing have a numeric part which is the same as another boat! The prefix and suffix letters are therefore critical to us in identifying you as you cross the finish line and making sure you don't get muddled up with a different boat.
  Sail number
Posted by Barry Voysey on Fri Jun 10, 09:15 [911-3571]
Hi Ben,
you mention having this available to hold up so the committee boat can see it, does that mean we only need one? and given we are a mono hull in the ISCRS we will probably finish on the south finish line (wont know until sailing instructions are issued but that was the situation last year) then we would only need this on the starboard side?
  Sail number
Posted by Ben Ferris on Fri Jun 10, 10:30 [911-3573]
Correct - the dodger needs to be displayed when approaching the finishing line on the aft port quarter of the boat for those finishing on the North line and the aft starboard quarter for those finishing on the South line.
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