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IRC Division 1A (23 entries)

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Boat Name Sail Number TCC Design
BELLADONNA GBR1346R 1.108 Grand Soleil 46
ASSUAGE GBR4896R 1.105 Nautor Swan 48R
KIA KAHA GBR8995R 1.100 Buckley 45 B
DAWN TREADER GBR6712R 1.099 JPK 1180
XINSKA GBR1010L 1.097 X 40
KESTREL GBR8611R 1.096 J/111
THUNDER 2 GBR9536R 1.096 Mills 36
PANTHER GBR43X 1.092 Grand Soleil GS43
SKERMISHER GBR79R 1.092 Ker 36 Custom
JITTERBUG GBR1111X 1.091 J/111
GELERT GBR68R 1.090 Corby 36
DESPERADO GBR1665 1.089 Swan 65 Ketch
SNOW LEOPARD GBR7811R 1.089 J/111
VITESSA GBR5201L 1.089 Pacer 400 CR
EMMA CLAIRE GBR5650T 1.088 Grand Soleil 50
BELLA OF LONDON GBR8750R 1.085 Grand Soleil 50
JANGLE GBR3922R 1.085 J/122e
EH01 GBR4778R 1.084 Beneteau 47.7
PHANTOM GBR1232T 1.081 Laurent Giles One Off
OLYMPIA'S TIGRESS GBR8405R 1.080 Beneteau First 40
JAHMALI GBR8912R 1.079 J/122e
T I L T RACING GBR7877R 1.079 Beneteau First 40