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Boat NameSail NumberDesign TypeClassResults
ADDICTIONGBR9859TBeneteau First 40.7 DistinctionIRC Division 1Cview
ESCAPADOGBR1321LBeneteau First 40.7IRC Division 1Cview
FANDANGOGBR6693TBeneteau First 40.7IRC Division 1Cview
FIREBALLGBR9949TBeneteau First 40.7IRC Division 1Cview
FIRST CHALLENGERGBR7001TBeneteau First 40.7ISCRS Division 4Aview
HOT STUFFGBR8520RBeneteau First 40.7IRC Division 1Cview
INCOGNITOGBR4070LBeneteau First 40.7IRC Division 1Cview
LADY VGBR2563RBeneteau First 40.7ISCRS Division 4Bview
PETRUCHIOGBR6593TBeneteau First 40.7IRC Division 1Bview
PLAYING AROUNDGBR7207TBeneteau First 40.7ISCRS Division 4Bview