The RaceDates of future races

Year Date
2020 Saturday May 30th
2021 Saturday July 3rd
2022 Saturday June 25th

The date of the Round the Island Race each year is generally chosen to be the Saturday in June for which the tides are most favourable for the race. Occasionally, a date in late May or early July may be chosen, if there are no suitable dates in June.

As far as possible, dates are announced several years ahead so as to provide as much notice as possible to the local Port Authorities. Dates for upcoming Round the Island Races are shown in the accompanying table.

The 2020 race

In late June 2019, IOW Festival Organisers announced the dates for 2020 from 11th to 14th June, dates which clash with the published date for the 2020 Round the Island Race of June 13th. The Island Sailing Club feels that the quality of the race could be impacted by trying to run the two events at the same time, as it puts additional pressure and demands on competitors, volunteers, accommodation, services and facilities, and we have therefore decided to rethink next year's date.

Given the tidal constraints within which the race must be run, the options available are limited, but the best available date is the 30th of May 2020 with an early start. We've announced this as soon as possible to give people a chance to plan.