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Gladiator was second over the monohull line

Tide turn could result in Big boat win OR Small boat win! #raceforall

Author: Peta Stuart-Hunt   Date: 11:18 Saturday 1 Jul 2017

We are now past the first tide change of the race. Low water Portsmouth was at 10:08, which may well be a significant factor in the overall results as it will have slowed many of the boats in IRC0 as they fight adverse current up the Solent. 

The leading monohull, Highland Fling XI managed to cross the finish line still with the tide relatively slack and so will have made some decent gains on elapsed time. 

Gladiator, the TP52 have now finished as second placed monohull, the question is whether they have done enough on handicap to take the win from Highland Fling XI. 

Also crossing the finish line to take an impressive third on-the-water in the last hour was Tonnerre 4, Piet Vroon’s custom Ker 51.

Behind these three leaders, there was a hard-fought battle between the Elliot 52ss, Outside, Sir Keith Mills’ Invictus (winner of last year’s Silver Roman Bowl), Infiniti 46 Maverick and Jubilee Tony Dickin’s Farr GP42. Ultimately Invictus just looked to take fourth position.

The thrilling nature of the Round the Island Race means, although the tide change in the last hour will have been of benefit to the biggest, fanciest and fastest boat in the fleet, the same is also true of the slowest boats. Anyone on the south side if the Island – the vast majority of the 1342 starters – will now get tide underneath them, pushing them to the east. This will be a particular boon for the very slowest boats who will now have tide underneath of them for much of the leg from St. Catherine’s Point to Bembridge. 

Classes update:

IRC0 – As above most of IRC0 are now in the Solent with the leaders fighting tooth and nail to the finish. .

IRC1 – The bulk off the fleet are now rounding Bembridge and things are looking very close in this class. 

IRC2 – Are spread from Ventnor to Bembridge.

IRC3 – The leaders of IRC3 are now around Sandown and making their way to Bembridge. 

ISC4 – This fleet still has a massive spread with the leaders round Bembridge but the table end of the fleet only just past St. Catherine’s Point. 

ISC5 – Again there is a significant spread here with the fleet running from just before St. Catherine’s Point all the way to Shanklin

ISC6 – Are a bit more compressed with the whole fleet between St. Catherine’s Point and Ventor.

ISC7 – The leaders of ISC7 are with the leaders of ISC6 at Ventnor but the tail of the fleet stretches all the way back to just beyond Freshwater Bay.

ISC8 –As above the tail end of this fleet are now around Freshwater Bay but the leaders are only just passing St. Catherine’s Point.