CompetitorsGPS tracking registration

If you're a competitor taking part in this year's event, you can track your race around the Island with our free, live GPS tracking system. As well as keeping everyone watching at home up-to-date with your progress, it'll also give you the opportunity to replay the race after you've finished to see where you gained (or lost) time on your rivals.

Read on to find out more about the system and how you can participate.

What equipment do I need?

You will need one of the following devices that's dedicated to tracking:

  • iPhone
  • Android phone with built-in GPS

We recommend that you don't try and use your phone for anything else during the race. Moderns phones can run the tracking system for several days, but the battery in older devices will probably deplete in less than 24 hours. Providing you charge your phone the night before, you should have plenty of power to track the race and make a few short phone calls, but don't count on getting a full day's normal use out of your device. For this reason, we suggest you register a different phone to make your text declaration and keep calls and text messages on the tracking phone to a minimum.

We also recommend you encourage other crew members to take part. With more tracking devices you have on board, you'll get a more accurate track of your course around the Island and also have some backup in case someone forgets to charge their phone before they set off from home!

How do I register to take part?

Select one of the following links for information about how to register and setup the software on your device:

Once you've registered and set up your phone, you'll be able to run some tests using the Race Player to make sure the tracking is working correctly

Join our AIS trial

If you have an AIS transmitter onboard your boat, you can additionally register that device to send position data into the tracking system. Just enter your AIS MMSI id number on the Update Your Entry page, and we'll automatically add any positions we receive from your AIS device on Race Day into your track. Please do bear in mind, however, that this an experimental service this year, so we recommend you additionally register at least one mobile phone for tracking.

How do my friends and family watch the race live?

On race day, people following you will be able to visit the GPS Tracking page here on the official website and watch the race using the easy-to-use Race Viewer. As well as seeing the full race unfold live, watching our TV coverage and following the text commentary, they'll be able to highlight specific boats that they would like to track as they progress around the 50 nautical mile course. Tracking will commence from the first start right through to the finish. Replay and pause facilities will also be available for those interested in comparing detailed performances.