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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston happy to finish

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in epic 11 hour marathon

Author: Kate Laven   Date: 18:51 Saturday 21 Jun 2014

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's Open 60, Haven JK Grey Power, crossed the finish line among a huge number of smaller boats.

The 75 year old sailing legend, who was the first man to sail solo non stop around the world took class honours in the Open 60 but only after the other Open 60 Rosalba retired.

Knox Johnston's time was 11 hrs and 36 minutes which did not represent a particularly good day but the team on board looked happy enough with their result having enjoyed a fun day on the water.

Almost 500 boats had retired from the race at last count with many more expected and 390 craft had officially finished.

The finishing barges off Castle Point were preparing for a mass of finishes with 100s of boats visible floating serenely up the eastern Solent.

The wind dropped slightly to 11-2kts which was a concern with so many boats still to finish.